The Kings Singers sing Flanders and Swann and Noel Coward

An album in which the Kings Singers perform versions of Flanders and Swann songs.

album cover

Moss Music Group catalogue no. MMG 1120.
A stereo recording, now out of print.

1. A transport of delight (Flanders / Swann)
2. The slow train (Flanders / Swann)
3. A song of Patriotic prejudice (Flanders / Swann)
4. Rockall (Flanders / Swann)
5. Misalliance (Flanders / Swann)
6. The wompom (Flanders / Swann)
7. The sloth (Flanders / Swann)
8. In the bath (Flanders / Swann)
9. Mad dogs and Englishmen (Coward)
10. Matelot (Coward)
11. The stately homes of England (Coward)
12. London pride (Coward)
13. Nina (Coward)
14. I'll see you again (Coward)
15. There are bad times just around the corner (Coward)

Flanders / Swann arranged by Gordon Langford.
Noel Coward songs arranged by Daryl Runswick.

For more information, see the King Singers website.