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Comedy society webpages last updated 22/10/99: New Term, New members, same old bearded ladies. Latest updates on the STUFF page.

Welcome to a new year of the comedy society webpage. It's the same old stuff, but with new(ish) words. Term has started well, and we've had our first show, the eagerly awaited and well recieved freshers show. Choice snippets on the stuff page. This term also sees a show, probably at the end of the term, and some other activities, including things involving members. (Yes, we have no idea yet. About anything.) Oh, just look at the pretty pages.

So 'what exactly is the comedy society?' I hear you ask (very faintly and politely).
Well, we travel around in a van solving mysteries and staying in haunted Houses. But when we're not doing that, we're creating hilarious shows which 'entertain' children and adults alike (but mainly students).

Anyway, we want YOU to join up. If you have any interest in the writing, performance or production of comedy in a written, stage or TV context, then get involved. We cost but 3, which is less than the price of a camel, so come and 'join' in the 'fun'. More details on the meetings page.

This is the homepage, where you'll start from, and clicking on the buttons to the left of this bit will get you to and from the other sections of the site, where you'll find out when and where we meet, what we do then, who we are, how to contact up and even some comedic internet links. So don't just do something, Stand there!

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