At Home with Ikari Gendo

Evenin'. I'm just watching my favourite show on the telly, Family Fortunes with the hilarious Les Dennis. You can see that my wife, EVA-01 Wife-type is behind me giving me a neck-rub. She was a present from the boys and girls at NERV when I left. Apparently, it was Misato's idea.... trust her! Actually, I'm very grateful for the company, and the conversation, because these Rei clones don't say much.
Do you like my ornaments? I collect miniature porcelain figurines from all over the world, you know; It's my hobby. I've got over three hundred in the house, and six times as many in the shed. I've got photos of all of them, too, each one taken when I bought it. I got a bit of stick about this from the SEELE guys. I got my own back by saying they were a load of Pigeon-breeders. That annoyed them more, which is why they wanted rid of me. But I got my own back. I retired before they could sack me, Ha! Anyway, the show's starting now, so be quiet or I won't be able to hear Les' witty remarks in the Big Money round.